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Entry Fee and Submission of Samples

Period of Entry:

25 March ~ 24 May 2024

How to Enter

1. Complete online entry form and settle the payment online.

Accept only credit card payment (Visa, Master, American Express). Once confirmed, all payments will not be refunded.

2. After receiving the confirmation email, follow the instructions to deliver the samples by the deadline.

We recommend you to use our shipping service. However, you may still choose to deliver the samples to Hong Kong by your own means. Please indicate the delivery method on the entry form.

Entry fee and sample submission

4 bottles of 720 mL or 750 mL, or 6 bottles of 500 mL sake are required for each entry.
Small bottle (300 – 375 mL) is only authorized for entries in the “Sparkling” category.

In this case, 8 bottles are required. Details of sample submission will be communicated later.

Method (A) Send via consolidated shipping to HK

Entry Fee  +  Logistics Fee : HK$2,200 per entry

Delivery Address : Designated warehouse in Japan
Submission Deadline : Mid-June 2024
All entries will be kept at 0~5℃  during transportation and storage.

Method (2) Deliver directly to designated warehouse in Hong Kong
Entry Fee : HK$1,500 per entry

Delivery Address : Designated warehouse in Hong Kong
Submission Deadline : Early-July 2024