The 1st Oriental Sake Awards (OSA)

On September 5, 2022, the medal-winning sake of Oriental Sake Awards 2022 was announced. This year, 437 entries were divided into the following 9 categories: “Junmai Daiginjo / Junmai Ginjo (Light & Clean)”, “Junmai Daiginjo / Junmai Ginjo (Aromatic & Rich)”, “Daiginjo / Ginjo (Light & Clean)”, “Daiginjo / Ginjo (Aromatic & Rich )”, “Honjozo”, “Junmai (Rich & Umami)”, “Junmai (Light & Clean)”, “Sparkling”, and “Namazake”. Among them, 32 gold medals, 64 silver medals, and 79 bronze medals were selected. The list of medal-winning sake is available here.

The biggest award – Champion of each category and Sake of the Year – will be revealed at the OSA 2022 Awards Ceremony on 15th September, at 15:15 (HK time). Live ceremony can be viewed online.

Despite the pandemic, export of Japanese sake continued to rise and reached a record high for the 12th consecutive year. In 2021, Asian countries and regions have seen impressive growth accounting for more than half of the total export value. Asia has evidently become an important market for Japanese sake.

Oriental Sake Awards (OSA) is the new professional sake tasting competition to be launched in 2022. Our mission is to bring together experts in alcoholic beverages from across Asia to select, through blind tasting, high-quality sakes that reflect the preferences of Asian consumers.

In the long run, the competition targets the following goals:
・ To become the most popular guide for purchasing high-quality sakes among Asian consumers
・ To offer insights on consumer preference in Asia for sake breweries to formulate appropriate sales strategies
・ To become the most recognized sake tasting competition in Asia

Why enter OSA:

・ Build brand reputation and promote sales in major markets including Hong Kong

・ Gain insights on consumer preference in Asia to strategize export and sales plans