Led by Mr. Micky Chan, Sake Samurai, the judging panel of the Oriental Sake Awards (OSA) consists of experts in alcoholic beverages who are based in Asia, namely educators, sommeliers and professionals with relevant qualifications.

All entries will be sorted and poured into wine glasses in the preparatory area in advance, and then delivered to the judges by hand. In addition, the judges would be barred from entering the prep area. ISO wine tasting glass will be used. All sakes will be tasted blindly at 15-18°C (5-10°C for namazake).

Judge’s introduction

Co – Chairs

DipWSET, CS, CSW, 酒サムライ, きき酒師
JSS Overseas Support Desk (Asia), The ‘Future 50’ Wine & Sake Winner
Co-founder of the Hong Kong Wine Academy
Principal Lecturer & Wine and Sake Educator
Sake Samurai Mr. Micky Chan is a respected wine and sake expert who has diversified roles in the industry, including Educator, Writer, International Judge, Consultant, as well as serving as the Overseas Support Desk (Asia) for the Japan Sake & Shochu Makers’ Association.
As an Educator, he has co-founded the Hong Kong Wine Academy and is actively involved in delivering courses and training in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China.
As a professional Judge, Micky evaluates a few thousand bottles of wines and sakes yearly while judging in various international competitions including IWSC, IWC, Berlin Wine Trophy & Asia Wine Trophy and more.

Born in Yokohama, 1960. After graduating from the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Sophia University, he joined Seibu Department Store (in charge of liquor division as buyer). He started a new career as a liquor journalist and consultant in 1997. He had written several books including; “Textbook for Sake” (Doyukan), “Sake Guidebook” (Shibata Shoten), and “the SAKE BOOK (with English translation)” (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha). Judge of Prefectural Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair. (Fukushima, Shizuoka, and Ehime Prefecture) A member of the judging committee for Protection of Geographical Identifications (Nagano and Saga Prefecture). Judge of international sake competitions; “The U.S. National Sake Appraisal” and “International Sake Challenge”. Chairman of the Sake Export Association.


In November 2004, she started her career selling Japanese alcoholic beverages at City Super Group in Hong Kong. She was a Manager of purchasing Japanese sake and other Japanese alcoholic beverages until May 2015. After leaving Hong Kong in the same year, she moved to Okinawa. Currently, she runs her freelance business “sakeand” and works as an overseas sake sales, overseas sales promotion coordinator as well as sake and awamori writer. Throughout her career, she works relentlessly to raise awareness of Japanese alcoholic beverages in the global market.