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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the deadline to enter OSA 2024?

The deadline to enter our competition is 24th May 2024 (Friday). If you wish to submit your entries, please register here, For your further information, OSA timeline is available here.

How many samples do I need to send?

Normally, 4 bottles of 720 mL or 750 mL, or 6 bottles of 500 mL sake are required for each entry across all categories. For sparkling sake, 8 small bottles of 300 – 375 mL are also accepted. Please note that small bottles are authorised for the Sparkling category only.

Where should I send my samples?

Please send your samples to our designated warehouse. You may either send them via consolidated shipping (to an address in Japan) or directly send them to Hong Kong. The warehouse addresses will be communicated by email after your entry is accepted.

How will my samples be managed?

All entries will be kept at 0-5℃  during transportation and storage.

How will sake entries be judged?

A rigorous process of judging is in place to ensure the fairest possible assessment of sake through a 100-point scoring system carried out by sake professionals. For more details, please visit here.

For other enquiries, you may contact at