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Applicant Information (參加者資訊)

Number of Entry and Fee (參賽酒款數目及費用)

1. 4 bottles of 720ml or 750ml, or 6 bottles of 500ml sake are required for each entry. Small bottle (300 – 375ml) is only authorized for entries in the “Sparkling” category. In this case, 8 bottles are required.

參賽者需為每款參賽酒提交4瓶720或750毫升樣本,或者6瓶500毫升樣本。 小瓶裝(300~375毫升)僅適用於「氣泡酒」組別的參賽作品。以小瓶裝參賽需提交8瓶樣本。

2. We recommend that you use our shipping service. However, you may still choose to deliver the samples to Hong Kong. All entries from the same applicant must be delivered using the same method.

我們建議參賽者採用本會的物流公司把樣本集運至香港。參賽者亦可選擇自行運送樣本到香港。 來自同一參賽者的所有參賽酒款必須用相同方法提交樣本。
Please choose either one option (請選擇其中一項):

via consolidated shipping to HK 由本會集運至香港

— Entry Fee + Logistics fee 參賽費用 + 樣本運輸費用 ($2,200)

Applicant delivers sample to HK 自行提交樣本至香港

— Entry Fee 參賽費用 ($1,500)
如果生產者與參賽者名稱相同,請選”Yes”並跳至2) 清酒資訊。
If producer is the same as applicant, please check “Yes” and skip to 2) Sake Details
We accept VISA/MASTER/AMEX only